Birgit Müller (Paris): Clashes of Cultures of Protest. Anti-Nuclear Activism at the Czech - Austrian Border

Datum: 05.07.2018
Ort: Berlin

Zeit: 18.00 (c.t.) - 20.00 Uhr



im Rahmen des Berlin-Brandenburger Colloquiums für Umweltgeschichte

Birgit Müller (Paris): Clashes of Cultures of Protest. Anti-Nuclear Activism at the Czech - Austrian Border



What is the impact of mental borders on the cooperation of European citizens mobilising against the construction of nuclear power stations? This conference looks at interactions and interdependences between Czech and Austrian anti-nuclear activists and analyses their different forms of political action, focussing on the transmission and re-interpretation of forms of political action across borders, on the perception of risk and political responsibility and the expectancies linked to the idea and practice of a (European) democracy. It analyses the perceptions of the nuclear problem by Czech and Austrian movements through the visual material they are using in their campaigns and the reception that certain foreign symbols, colours and slogans received in the Czech Republic. The difficulties that Austrian and Czech cross-border anti-nuclear activism encounters in finding a common discourse and symbolism of action throws light on the complexities of transnational advocacy networks in action.

Short Bio:

Birgit Müller (PhD Cambridge 1986) is research director at the IIAC/LAIOS, CNRS/EHESS in Paris. Her current research explores how farmers, soils and seeds make out in the new global conjunctures of climate smart agriculture — the private and public agricultural policy making by states, corporations and a large array of international governmental and non-governmental organisations. She sets out to understand local quotidian farming practices, as they wrestle with supra-local processes and discursive practices that connect local life-worlds in two farming settings in Canada and Nicaragua that all seem to oppose. Among her books: Disenchantment with Market Economics. East Germans and Western Capitalism (2008), The Gloss of Harmony. The politics of policy making in multilateral organisations (2013). For more information see:



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