Workshop: When Did Reforms End? Change or Perpetuity after Socialism

15.09.2022 bis 16.09.2022

Ort: Potsdam

Workshop within the SAW Project "Legacies of Communism? Post-Communist Europe from Stagnation to Reform, between Autocracy and Revolution"
Organised at the Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History, Potsdam

The workshop presented research from the international research network "Legacies of Communism?". Additionally, young scholars were invited and encouraged to present and publish original research on the era of reform, transition and restoration. Geographically the workshop focused on post-socialist Eastern Europe as well as the post-Soviet realm.

The program of the workshop on the ZZF webside can be found under this link:

Fotos: Marion Schlöttke / ZZF Potsdam