Contact: Hanno Hochmuth

The Centre for Contemporary History has one fellowship program that offer stipends to external scholars: Summer Fellowships  .

Each November the Centre advertises its Summer Fellowships, a program that seeks to attract advanced researchers from abroad (i.e., at the level of assistant professor and above). Scholars are invited to join one of our research departments for a limited period of time (generally two to three months). A committee selects candidates on the basis of their research experience and employment status. The current stipend is at least 3,000 € per month. Recipients are encouraged to make use of the Centre’s resources; Summer Fellows assume all additional costs, such as those for travel and lodging.

In exceptional cases the ZZF grants Senior Fellowships to outstanding scholars who, as a result of retirement, are no longer available to serve on advisory boards. Senior Fellows are provided with the benefits of an institutional affiliation, including a work place, research assistance, and third-party funding opportunities. Senior Fellowships are generally awarded for a five-year period.