H-Soz-Kult is a moderated, open-access communication platform for historians of all branches of the subject, as well as for related disciplines with historical ties. This forum has existed since 1996, with its central editorial office in the Department of Historical Science at the Humboldt University, Berlin. Since then, H-Soz-Kult has developed into an important provider and facilitator of specialised historical information – with around 25,000 e-mail subscribers and a monthly total of one million page views. Every year, several thousand texts are published (book reviews and research papers, conference announcements and reports, job advertisements, contents of journals, etc.).

H-Soz-Kult is part of the programme offered by Clio online. Alongside the Humboldt University, Berlin, as the most important host institution, H-Soz-Kult is supported by numerous universities, research institutes and other partners. The Centre for Contemporary History has for many years counted among these supporters and it makes a significant contribution to the contemporary history content on H-Soz-Kult.

Editorial Office
H-Soz-Kult possesses a continuously staffed central editorial office at the Humboldt University, Berlin, and an editorial staff counting more than 50, predominantly voluntary academics from almost all branches of the historical sciences. The editorial staff acquire texts, ensure their quality and arrange for the availability and storage of the published texts on the World Wide Web.

H-Soz-Kult Editors at the ZZF
Around a fifth of H-Soz-Kult’s entire, cross-epochal range of book reviews is supervised by the editorial team of the ZZF. This comes to approximately 180-200 contemporary history book reviews each year.

Dr Ralf Ahrens, e-mail: ahrens [at] zzf-potsdam.de
(specialisation: economic and social history)

Dr Rüdiger Bergien, e-mail: bergien [at] zzf-potsdam.de
(specialisation: history of East Germany)

Dr Christoph Classen, e-mail: classen [at] zzf-potsdam.de
(specialisation: media history)

Dr Jan-Holger Kirsch, e-mail: kirsch [at] zzf-potsdam.de
(specialisation: cultural and political history, exhibitions)

Dr Annette Schuhmann, e-mail: schuhmann [at] zzf-potsdam.de
(specialisation: website reviews)

Dr Irmgard Zündorf, e-mail: zuendorf [at] zzf-potsdam.de
(specialisation: public history, exhibitions)

Supervisory Group
Once every three months, a working body convenes whose members are selected from across the editorial staff. The task of the supervisory group is to discuss questions relating to profile development and to advise the central editorial office. Christoph Classen and Jan-Holger Kirsch from the ZZF are currently members of the supervisory group. 

Contact person at the Humboldt University, Berlin

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