Equal opportunities

The ZZF promotes gender equality and equal opportunity according to the Basic Recommendations on the Equalization of Men and Women in the Leibniz Association as well as in accordance with the ZZF’s equalization plan of March 13, 2017.


The activities of the ZZF’s equal opportunities officer comprise the following areas:

► protection of women’s interests in the application procedure through advisory participation

► support to female and male employees availing themselves of parental leave

► targeted promotion of female junior researchers through an internal seminar program

► ensuring compliance with the equalization plan providing for an increase in women in leadership positions

► networking with other equal opportunities officers in the Leibniz Association

► representing the interests of the severely disabled.


The ZZF endeavors to facilitate the compatibility of family and profession and to counteract the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions in the world of scholarship.

More information on the equalization policies of the Leibniz Association can be found at the homepage of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Scientific Community (WGL).


Equal opportunities officers at the Centre for Contemporary History:

Dr. Annette Schuhmann
Equal opportunities officer
      Office: Am Neuen Markt 1, Raum 2.33
      Tel.: 0331/28991-19
      Fax: 0331/28991-60
      E-Mail: schuhmann [at] zzf-potsdam.de



Dr. Annelie Ramsbrock
Deputiy equal opportunities officer

Office: Am Neuen Markt 9d, Raum 1.06
Tel.: 0331/74510-119
Fax: 0331/74510-143
E-Mail: ramsbrock [at] zzf-potsdam.de