Social History of the Media

Since the late nineteenth century, modern mass media have increasingly shaped European societies. Whether politics, economics or culture, there is hardly an area of social life that has not been changed by the dissemination of newspapers, films, radio or the World Wide Web. The projects of this study area examine this process by analysing the interdependencies between the proliferation and transformation of media on the one hand and social changes on the other hand.



Church tower and  tv tower. Photo: Beko, St. Mary's Church and TV Tower in Berlin, CC BY-SA 4.0

Television and the Transformation of Religion, 1960-1980

Ronald Funke

Associated PhD project

The doctoral thesis ‘Television and the Transformation of Religion, 1960-1980’ examines public representations of church and religion in the television of the Federal German Republic and its impact on religious transformation processes....

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Media History in the Cold War

Christoph Classen

Research project

The project analyses the history of mass media relations and interdependencies in the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR until the end of the Cold War. Which reflexes, competitions and cooperations characterised their relationship, and how did it...

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