Zeitgeschichte digital

With Contemporary History Digital (Zeitgeschichte digital, www.zeitgeschichte-digital.de), the ZZF develops its own digital research infrastructure for contemporary history. It opens up the online projects developed and editorially supervised at the institute and consolidates them with a wealth of digital resources under one roof. The platform offers centralised access to its entire programme: all entries are searchable with the help of a comprehensive subject classification. Specialised repositories for research data and retro-digitalised publications are also component parts of the portal.



Bildunterschrift und Copyright

Bildunterschrift und Copyright


Jürgen Danyel, Annette Schuhmann

The platform ‘Zeitgeschichte-online’ exists since January 2004. It aims to address historians, students of the humanities and similar courses and a wider public interested in contemporary history.

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Photographers of the Hungarian magazine »Képes 7«, 1986
(Archiv Imre Benkő)

Studies in Contemporary History

Jürgen Danyel, Jan-Holger Kirsch

„Zeithistorische Forschungen/Studies in Contemporary History” (ZF/SCH) is a peer-review journal on questions of contemporary history with a German, European and global outlook.

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Screenshot of the website docupedia-Zeitgeschichte, Photo: Christine Bartlitz

Definitions, Methods, and Debates in Contemporary History

Christine Bartlitz, Karsten Borgmann, Jürgen Danyel

Docupedia-Zeitgeschichte provides basic knowledge in the field of contemporary history for a wider public. The open-access online reference work enables readers to remain informed about research trends, subjects, controversies, theories and methods in contemporary history.

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Screenshot der Webseite Visual History, Foto: Christine Bartlitz

Visual History
Online Repository for Historical Visual Research

Christine Bartlitz, Karsten Borgmann

The online repository visual-history.de, hosted by the ZZF, serves as a platform for historical research on visual sources and phenomena. It provides up-to-date insights into the growing community of visual historians and their activities, and supports the formation of professional...

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Poster of the exhibition "Abschied von Ikarus. Bildwelten in der DDR - neu gesehen", 2012/13.

Online Picture Atlas: Art in the GDR

Jürgen Danyel, Thomas Schaarschmidt

Academic insights into the special function of the arts for society in the GDR prove to be essential for an analytic understanding of the whole state socialist system of rule and society. Within the programme ‘Übersetzungsfunktion der Geisteswissenschaften’ (translation function of the...

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The website Presseportal.zzf-pdm.de. Foto: Marion Schlöttke.

Online Portal on the East German Press

Jürgen Danyel

The complete texts of the three daily newspapers Neues Deutschland, Berliner Zeitung and Neue Zeit have been digitalised and made available for the period since their first appearance until 1990 and 1994 (Neue Zeit), respectively.

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Screenshot of the website.

Multi-media Documentation of the History of the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1990
www.chronik-der-mauer.de and Smartphone/iPad-App „The Berlin Wall“

Hans-Hermann Hertle

Long-term Cooperation Project of the Center for Contemporary History Potsdam (ZZF), the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, bpb) and German Radio (Deutschlandradio)

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