Late and Post-Communism in Eastern Europe

Hippies in the Soviet Union - Gewalt in der Sowjetarmee - KGB in the Last Decade of the Soviet Union - Russia from Brezhnew to Putin



Legacies of Communism?
Post‐Communist Europe from Stagnation to Reform, between Autocracy and Revolution

Jan C. Behrends, Juliane Fürst

Interdisciplinary research network
funded by a SAW-grant of the Leibniz Association
Coordination: Jan Claas Behrends and Juliane Fürst

The interdisciplinary research network „Legacies of Communism“ with partners in six countries will be hosted by the ZZF in...

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Three soldiers from the Soviet army's Tamanskaya Division, an Azerbaijani, a Mongolian and a Russian, stand beside one another to show the ethnic diversity of their army. Foto: JO1(SW) Joe Bartlett, Soldiers of the Tamanskaya Division, marked as public domain, Details on Wikimedia Commons.

Grandfathers’ Rule
Everyday Army Life, Society and State Legitimacy in the late Soviet Union

Alena Maklak

Associated PhD project

The aim of my research project is to investigate the experiences of the young men serving in the Soviet armed forces in the late socialist period. A special emphasis is placed on the barrack violence that expanded increasingly throughout the 1970s...

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The last Soviet troop column crosses the Soviet border after leaving Afghanistan, 1 october 1989. Photo: RIA Novosti archive, image #58833 / A. Solomonov / CC-BY-SA 3.0, RIAN archive 58833 Withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, CC BY-SA 3.0

Violence and Civility
Russia from Brezhnev to Putin

Jan C. Behrends

Research project

Violence after Stalinism is the theme of this research project. Using the dichotomy of violence and civility, it seeks to develop a better understanding of the transformation of Russian society from the late Brezhnev era into the present.

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Hippies in the Soviet Union

Juliane Fürst

Research Project

This project is devoted to a thorough exploration of the history of the hippie movement in the Soviet Union from the late sixties onwards. It pays particular attention to the place of hippies as an outsider community in the larger context of late...

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The Soviet State Security’s Political and Power Resources. KGB Structures, Practices and Methods in the Last Decade of the Soviet Union

Evgenia Lezina

Research Project
The research project will investigate the domestic security functions, methods and practices of the KGB in the last decade of its existence, relying mainly on two types of sources: the recently declassified state security archives in the former Soviet...

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