Globalisation and Structural Change

Globalisation, Industrial Policy, Energy Policy



Ministerial Conference of the WTO on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Geneva, 18 May 1998. Photo: WTO, File on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Economic History of Globalisation

André Steiner

Research project

This project deals with the processes of economic internationalisation since the late nineteenth century. Here, we can identify three periods: the first wave of globalisation prior to the First World War, the following phase of de-globalisation (1914-1945...

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Cockpit of an Airbus 319, photo: CC-BY SA 2.5

The Political Promotion of "Future Industries" and Innovation in the Federal Republic of Germany and Great Britain, ca. 1965-1990

Ralf Ahrens

Research project

Historical research on politics confronting economic structural change during the last third of the twentieth century has mainly focused on the crises of ‘old’ industries (coal, steel, shipbuilding, textiles). By contrast, this project analyses the...

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