Visual History

Online Repository for Historical Visual Research

The online repository, hosted by the ZZF, serves as a platform for historical research on visual sources and phenomena. It provides up-to-date insights into the growing community of visual historians and their activities, and supports the formation of professional networks. Researchers are invited to present their current projects and provide information for the platform’s database. The blog offers comprehensive information about conferences, exhibitions and recent publications, as well as original contributions to the field of visual history. The blog first went online in 2014, then administered by the joint research project ‘Visual History: Institutions and Media of Visual Memory’, which was funded by the Leibniz Association and hosted by the ZZF, the Georg Eckert Institute (Braunschweig), the Herder Institute (Marburg), and the German Museum (Munich). The editing board resides at the ZZF. is, on the one hand, designed for historians who are looking for reliable information about the theoretical and methodological framework of historical visual research. On the other hand, the repository seeks to enhance the dialogue between history and related disciplines like art history, media studies and cultural studies. Its aim is further to inform the general public about – and to sensitise its readers for – the particular qualities of visual documents in the context of cultural history.

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