Media Lab

The library of the Potsdam Centre for Contemporary History has a growing collection of film and documentary material on topics relevant to contemporary history. Its holdings are being expanded in stages. A media station was specially installed to play back and digitalize modern-day as well as a multitude of historical formats and storage devices. The following provides a list of playable and digitizable formats. An instruction manual is available on location to explain to you step by step how to operate each device and which software you need for digital conversion.

The manual can be consulted HERE on the premises of the institute.


The following digital audio formats are playable and/or readable:

► DAT cassettes

► MiniDiscs



The following audio formats can be digitalized:

► Compact cassettes (MCs)

► Audio tapes (all speeds between 2.4 and cm/s and 38 cm/s)

► Vinyl records (33 and 45 rpm)


The following video formats can be digitalized:

► U-matic cassettes

► VHS cassettes

► Super VHS cassettes

► MiniDV cassetttes

► LaserDiscs


It is also possible to digitalize slides and film negatives using a high-resolution scanner.

A port for reading 3.5” diskettes is also available.

All formats read or digitalized can either be burned on a CD/DVD or copied to an external storage device at the lab.