Completed research projects of Department III



Bookcover: Von der Politisierung der Medien zur Medialisierung des Politischen? Zum Verhältnis von Medien, Öffentlichkeiten und Politik im 20. Jahrhundert.

Politics as Fiction
A German-American Comparison of Ideas of Order and Political Images in Film and Television from 1950 to 2000

Christoph Classen

Completed research project

This project examines the representation of societal and political conflicts in fictional movies and TV programmes in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States between the 1950s and the 1990s. Both the transformation of collective...

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Bookcover: »Besorgt mal Filme!« Der internationale Programmhandel des DDR-Fernsehens

Between Adaptation and Defence
The International Programme Trade in East German Television

Richard Oehmig
Completed PhD project

This study pursues the aim of examining the international television programme trade from a media and cultural history perspective, using the example of East German television

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Waldsiedlung Wandlitz – A Landscape of Power

Jürgen Danyel

Completed exhibition project

The Waldsiedlung Wandlitz, part of the town of Bernau, is still regarded in East and West Germany as a symbol for the political style and lifestyle of the SED power elite, their privileges and increasing seclusion from the GDR population’s...

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Bookcover: Agenten der Bilder. Fotografisches Handeln im 20. Jahrhundert

Image Agents
Photographic Action in the Twentieth Century

Annette Vowinckel

Completed Book project

On the one hand, images steadily gain attention as historical sources and as subjects of research. On the other hand, those who produce, distribute, edit, sell or buy pictures often remain anonymous. This book aims at answering the question of how ‘...

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Bookcover: Living History als Gegenstand historischen Lernens

Experiencing History, Or: The Performative Appropriation of Past Lifeworlds in Archaeological Open-air Museums

Stefanie Samida
Completed research project

This archaeological sub-project looks at the close network of relationships between archaeologies, ‘re-enactors’ and visitors in archaeological open-air museums and at historical events. The objective is to research, on the...

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Transnational Media Relations in Europe: International Program Exchange and Cultural Transfer as Component of an European Media Culture

Thomas Beutelschmidt, Christoph Classen, Annette Vowinckel

Completed research project

Ever since the existence of electronic media, its transgressive character has triggered great fascination but also fears. Political attempts were accordingly substantial in the twentieth century to immunise one’s own territory where possible...

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Radio Luxembourg at the EXPO 1958. Photo: Wouter Hagens, Expo58 radio luxembourg, CC BY-SA 3.0

Radio Télévision Luxembourg (RTL) as a Transnational Programme Provider (1955–1980)

Katja Berg
Completed PhD project

With the aid of the Luxembourgian programme provider RTL, the contribution of this commercial enterprise to the transformation of media cultures in West Germany and France will be comparatively examined. The project surveys the...

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Red Orchestra – A Portrait of the Resistance Group in Photographs and Personal Testimonials

Jürgen Danyel

Completed exhibition project with the German Resistance Memorial Centre

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Photographer unit in Bougainville, 28. 11. 1943, U. S. Army Signal Corps
Fotograf: William Barbero, National Archives College Park, Md (111-SC-377825)

Visual History: Institutions and Media of Visual Memory

Jürgen Danyel, Annette Vowinckel

Competed research project

The aim of this project is to generate a website providing crucial information in the field of visual history, including encyclopaedic articles as well as case studies, information on current research projects, conferences, new books and legal...

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Poster of the conference.

Computerisation of the World of Work: Utopias – Discourses – Practices

Annette Schuhmann

Completed research project

This project examines past visions of the future in the realm of gainful employment. The scenarios of the 1970s and 1980s ranged here from the ‘good tidings of the tertiary sector’ via the strategic perspectives tied to the scientific-...

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Book cover of "Welle der Konsumgesellschaft?".

Stimulus of the Consumer Society?
Radio Luxembourg in France, 1945-1975

Completed PhD project

During the second half of the twentieth century, radio became the leading media in France. Even after the establishment of television in the 1960s, radio remained both an important source of information and a companion in daily life. This doctoral...

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Portrait of a teenager from the educational institution Aszód (Hungary). Source: private archive Tamás Urbán.

Negotiated Images
The Control of Visual Representations and Socialist Image Politics in Hungary, 1963-1989

Eszter Kiss

Completed PhD project

The management and control of public communication is essential for any dictatorial regime. Usually, censorship concentrates on written texts, but in the age of mass media other media, such as theatre, film and television, also had to be monitored in...

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Art.Time.History. From the Spring of Utopias to the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Jürgen Danyel

Research project

Completed colalborative project with Divadlo Archa (Archa Theatre Prague), Kampnagel Hamburg, Sophiensaele Berlin, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie and the Centrum experimentálního divadlo/Divadlo Husa na provázku (Centre for experimental theatre/Goose on a String...

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Ausgestrahlt. Die 'Tschernobyl'-Debatte in der bundesdeutschen und französischen Medienöffentlichkeit
© Katrin Jordan

Chernobyl and the Media
The Debate on ‘Chernobyl’ in the West German and French Media Spheres

Completed associated PhD project

This doctoral thesis is a comparative study of the public debates on ‘Chernobyl’ in West Germany and France, undertaken by analysing media coverage during the second half of the 1980s. 

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Helen Wolff (1906-1994) – Publisher and Virtuosa of Communication
A biographical study on publishing history in the twentieth century from a gender history and transnational perspective

Marion Detjen
Completed research project

Quality trade book publishing houses were throughout the twentieth century ‘places of assembly’ (G. Hübinger), sites of crystallisation for liberal bourgeois society, for producing, discussing and pushing through...

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Logo of the Intervision. Image: Alex Great (Diskussion), Intervision logo, public domain, details on Wikimedia Commons

Crossing Frontiers. International programme exchange as a form of intercultural communication between Western and Eastern Europe at the example of GDR television

Thomas Beutelschmidt, Annette Vowinckel

Completed research project

From a media-historical perspective, the cultural communication between Eastern and Western Europe within the system of the Cold War from the mid-1950s via the phase of peaceful coexistence to the breakup of the two power blocs in 1990 will be...

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Exhibition poster

Unification: German Society in Transition

Judith Berthold, Jürgen Danyel

Completed exhibition project of the Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam and the German Historical Museum

Since 1990, two societies that were separated for forty years are growing together again. The political upheavals in the GDR in the autumn of 1989 and the opening...

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Delinquency and Normalisation
From Youth Culture to Pop – A Transnational History (1953-1966)

Bodo Mrozek

Completed associated PhD project

This PhD project explores the emergence of youth and pop culture during the 1950s and 1960s. It follows two basic processes that were contradictory yet interwoven: 1) the criminalisation of youthful images, bodily expressions and cultural...

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