Jan C. Behrends und Thomas Lindenberger (Eds.)

Underground Publishing and the Public Sphere

Transnational Perspectives

Wiener Studien zur Zeitgeschichte, vol.6, 2014

Censorship and its counterpart, the `underground' production and distribution of printed texts and images, existed ever since a `public sphere' came into being. The volume approaches this phenomenon by covering cases from the Tsarist Empire, the Soviet Union, Central Europe, South America and China. In a long-term as well as global perspective, the well-known practise of samizdat under communist rule may be understood as part of a long tradition of underground publishing still relevant today in places like Russia, Iran, or China.

Ort: Berlin, Münster, Wien, Zürich, London
Jahr: 2014
Verlag: LIT
Seiten: 328
ISBN: 978-3-643-90561-1