Frank Bösch

Mass Media and Historical Change

Germany in International Perspective, 1400 to Present

translated from the German by Freya Buechter

Media influenced politics, culture, and everyday life long before the invention of the Internet. This book shows how the advent of new media has changed societies in modern history, focusing not on the specifics of technology but rather on their distribution, use, and impact. Using Germany as an example for international trends, it compares the advent of printing in Europe and East Asia, and the impact of the press on revolutions, nation building, and wars in North America and Europe. The rise of tabloids and film is discussed as an international phenomenon, as the importance of media during National Socialism is looked at in comparison with Fascist Italy and Spain. Finally, this book offers a precise analysis of media during the Cold War, with divided Germany providing the central case study.

Ort: New York, Oxford
Jahr: 2015
Verlag: Berghahn Books
Seiten: 212
ISBN: 978-1-78238-625-4