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Alena Maklak

Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History
Am Neuen Markt 1
14467 Potsdam

Email: maklak [at]


since 2015
Associated Ph.D. candidate, Centre for contemporary history in Potsdam (Department I)

April 2011 -2014
Ph.D. candidate and member of the project “Physical violence and state legitimacy in late socialism”, Centre for contemporary history in Potsdam

Since 2010 
Freelancer at Ex Oriente Lux Reisen for guiding educational trips to the Ukraine (Eastern Galicia, Bukovina, Crimea etc.), Berlin, Germany

2003 - 2010 
Humboldt University, Free University, Modern History, East European Studies Program, Berlin, Germany

Title of qualification awarded: Magistra Artium

2007 - 2008 
Indiana University at Bloomington, Department of History, graduate exchange program, Bloomington, USA

2005 - 2007
Assistant coordinator at Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, Department of the CIS countries, Berlin, Germany

2004 - 2006 
Freelancer at Brandenburg Memorial Foundation, Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum, Oranienburg, Germany

2001- 2002 
Minsk State Linguistic University, Foreign Literature Program, Minsk, Belarus

Title of qualification awarded: M.A.

Spring term 2001, Spring term 2002
Instructor at Department of Foreign Literature of Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus

1996 - 2001 
Minsk State Linguistic University, Modern Foreign Languages, Program Minsk, Belarus

Title of qualification awarded: B.A.


  • Associated PhD project

    The aim of my research project is to investigate the experiences of the young men serving in the Soviet armed forces in the late socialist period. A special emphasis is placed on the barrack violence that expanded increasingly throughout the 1970s... » zum Projekt


"Dedovshchina on trial. Some evidence concerning the last Soviet generation of 'sons' and 'grandfathers'", in: Nationalities Papers. The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity 43 (2015/5), S. 682-699.